pastel present for my mom

handmade magazine gem magnets: let these colorful stones brighten your day by adding to anything magnetic. handmade with love by katherinebrown & morgankemmeries. 5 for $1, pick your favorites.

handmade magic hat magnets: favorite fortunes from the deliciously wise magic hat made into magnets. 5 for $1, pick your fortune.

decor inspiration: collage of postcard love. being out west away from dave for a month brought out the best pen pal parts of me. I mailed a love letter postcard home to him every day & when I returned, I found them all propped on a shelf in our room. I loved them on display; the vintage postcard look along with the sweet memories of writing&receiving them.
create this look: find a background board of your liking. I chose a black tray (given to me by laneybranch), but any flat surface would work. tape postcards or love letters in a random collage order to each other & to the board. mount on a wall alone, or as part of a mix collection (see as part of wall collection).

decor inspiration: bookstack bookshelf. on my cali saving budget, there’s no room for an ikea bookshelf.. yet. but, i just love having dave’s wonderful culinary collection out as daily inspiration for our california dreams. stack your favorite books in a spot that will warm your heart every time you see them. i have my classic novels, dave has his culinary books; so we have a stack for each. finish with a candle or vase on top, it is a bookshelf after all.

decor inspiration: a board of inspiration. or in this case, a desk drawer of inspiration. turn a vintage drawer, a cabinet door, a scrap piece of wood, or anything you find into the backdrop for a unique collage. my drawer displays my current favorite pieces of inspiration for my art. switch out pieces easily with masking tape & this board will soon become a favorite room piece.

decor inspiration: desk drawer nightstand. find an old vintage dresser (mine came from a trade with laneybranch for a set of mason jars), choose two drawers of the same size & hang on each side of the bed. holds books, glasses, anything a nightstand would. the top of the drawer doubles as a cup or candle holder. i love the raw wood, workshop feel with the dainty drawer handle top.

handmade framed song birds. each wooden frame holds a bird cut from a poem or song. matted on brown paper, this simple frame delights any wall.
5x7 frames $5, 8x11 frames $10. frames available in brown wood or black wood.

decor inspiration: take a few favorite pieces and arrange them asymmetrically to create a unique wall space. combine browns, blacks, whites; a mix is better than a match! 

8x11 watercolor with charcoal on canvas paper $5

8x11 watercolor with charcoal on canvas paper $5

to order original artwork or for a do-it-yourself guide contact: